5 Affordable Singaporean National Day Foods to Try

In lieu of the upcoming holiday, SIGNALGRYD has compiled a list of affordable Singaporean dishes that will be sure to trigger memories of home with every bite. From traditional hawker dishes to affordable buffets, we’ve got you covered. We hope that these recommendations will not only bring great joy to your taste buds, but also bring out your inner Singaporean - just in time for the National Day festivities.

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7 Bars and Restaurants to catch the Fireworks this National Day

August 9th, a day marked on every Singaporean’s calendar, with many deciding to spend the evening watching the National Day Parade either in person or on TV. However, the spectacular fireworks display, is best enjoyed through the lens of our own eyes. Here are a few bars and restaurants where you can spend the evening having a good National Day, topped off with a killer view of the show.

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6 Coffee Drinks That Reveal Your Personality

Have you ever wondered why you choose to order the same coffee whenever you enter a coffee outlet?

In the mornings, majority of people would be seen ordering espresso, long black or a cappuccino to help survive the long day ahead. However, during the chill days, we might switch to other types of coffee such as frappuccino or mocha to enjoy the cold coffee while walking around town.

Whether you stick to the same coffee or switch between the different types, here are the 6 coffee drinks to help you understand your choices and what it says about yourself!

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