Paging systems for F&B, Cafe, Restaurants, Hotels, and many more.

We are not trying to complicate the process, rather eliminate inefficiencies and refine it. SIGNALGRYD supplies wireless paging systems that help businesses create the ultimate guest experience.

What We Do

SIGNALGRYD provides exceptional wireless paging products and services for a wide variety of industries. We offer our customers quality and reliable paging and management system. Most are hardware based, and are simple and effective solutions to common problems both small and large enterprises face.

SIGNALGRYD paging system specializes in 3 main spectrums from self-service, to service calling, and finally queue management solutions.

To fulfill the specific requirements of various industry sectors, we offer and propose a wide variety of methods where our system can be implemented. The goal is to adopt technology to improve automation, as well as productivity and efficiency.

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We are from Seng Hiang Minced Pork Noodle at Bedok 85. And we are very pleased with SIGNALGRYD, especially with Tim. The efforts and service rendered to us was fantastic. They were patient with our queries and walk us thru each detail meticulously. Most importantly, Tim is courteous and honest. We love transacting with ppl of integrity. Thanks Tim. Looking forward to do future deals with you.

Don, 兴记肉脞面


Excellent experience working with Tim! He makes it a point to fully understand what are my needs before proposing which device will fit best. Thank you again!

Serene, Work Central – Dining Hall

Solutions for every industry​

Self Service & Order Collection

Keep your customers comfortable knowing they are being attended to, even when they have been seated. The wireless paging system even helps to reduce the work load of your staffs!

Service & Assistance Calling

An efficient convenient system that does not require customers to hail staffs for service directly. Our system allows staffs to provide faster service to customers as they receive the alert notification through a watch or display receiver.

Queue Management

A step forward to simplify queuing experiences while optimizing service efficiency. Enabling customers to be served according to their queue number.
SIGNALGRYD Queue Number System is a perfect option to streamline your service area operations.

The SIGNALGRYD Advantage

We pride ourselves in the performance of our wireless paging systems. This is because all of our paging systems all the way from the restaurant pagers to the server pagers are made with the highest quality electronic parts available in the market. With a wide range of different wireless paging solutions we are sure to have a wireless system that fits your needs.

SIGNALGRYD offers different types of solutions such as self-service paging, waiter and server calling, nurse/staff paging and many more – to help different industries.

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